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Seasonal Cuisine

We are committed to regional fresh quality products.

Seasonal Specialities:

  • Franconian Asparagus
  • Fresh Carp - local speciality
  • Franconian game and mushroom dishes

Excerpt of Menu

Our weekly changing menu offers a variety of soups, Frankonian Roasts and other regional and international specials.

...a small excerpt of our classic dishes on our menu:

Breaded pork cutlet "Vienna Style" with fries and side salad                      8.00 €

Zander fillet fried in nut butter with parsley potatoes and mixed salad       9.90 €

Roast Beef with crisp fried onions, fried potatoes and side salad               11.50 €

All Steaks are served with herbed butter, BBQ sauce, fries and side salad:

  • Rump Steak                                                                               11.80 € / 200 g
  • Rump Steak                                                                               14.00 € / 300 g
  • Fillet Steak                                                                                 14.20 € / 200 g
  • Pork Loin Steak                                                                            8.50 € / 200 g
  • Special Grill Platter                                                                      12.50 €

(rump steak, pork loin steak, chicken breast, fried onions and bacon)